2020 Pacific Northwest Forest Collaboratives Workshop

Posted by Sally Bernstein on January 24, 2020

2020: Going Virtual!


The 2020 PNW Forest Collaboratives Workshop is now virtual! 

This workshop provides space for forest collaborative members, scientists, state and federal partners, Tribes, and others to network, share success stories, and develop solutions to forest management challenges. Sessions will be held virtually via Zoom in lieu of the annual in-person meeting. For updates: Subscribe here.



Collaborative Administrative and Judicial Review Opportunities, July 9, Register here

In NEPA 101, we learned about the components of the National Environmental Policy Act and the role of collaborative engagement in the environmental analysis process. In this follow-up webinar, Susan Jane Brown from the Western Environmental Law Center will give a presentation on and answer your questions about collaborative administrative and judicial review opportunities, and dig deeper into the administrative review process for the Forest Service, judicial review of agency decisions, and how collaborative groups can engage in these processes. 

Historical Range of Variability (HRV): Uses and Various Approaches, July 17, Register here

Range of Variability (ROV) concepts – including Natural (NRV), Historic (HRV), Current (CRV), and Future (FRV) – are frequently used by the US Forest Service to help define land management goals. Nathan Poage, Forest Service Ecologist, joins us to provide an introduction to ROV terminology and examples of how the Malheur, Umatilla, and Wallowa-Whitman National Forests in the Blue Mountains have applied ROV concepts during project planning when addressing key requirements of the Eastside Screens. The discussion will include overviews of tools commonly used to conduct ROV analyses. Q&A will follow the presentation.


NEPA 101

Do you ever find yourself wondering, what is the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)? What are the main components? How do they work? What are the roles and responsibilities associated with NEPA? This webinar will aim to answer all those – and more! Susan Jane Brown and Pam Hardy, of the Western Environmental Law Center, will give an overview of NEPA and collaborative engagement and then will open the conversation up for participant questions and answers. This webinar was held on May 15, 2020. Click here to watch the recording.


Sustainable Northwest published the "Best Practices for Remote Collaboration Guide" to support collaboratives during these unpredictable times. The guide is attached below.