Dry Forest Zone Resources

Posted by Renee Magyar on February 6, 2013

Resources for the Dry Forest Zone program produced in collaboration with our partners.


Download The State of the Dry Forest Zone briefing paper here (688 KB)

Download the full report here (9.5 MB) or select a section below:

Executive Summary and Introduction (373 KB)

Chapter One: The Context of the Dry Forest Zone (3.4 MB)

Chapter Two: Land Management (956 KB)

Chapter Three: Woody Biomass Utilization (888 KB)

Chapter Four: Community and Organizational Capacity (804 KB)

Chapter Five: Policy (352 KB)

Chapter Six: Subregional Perspectives (2.3 MB)

Dry Forest Zone supported research

Community-based natural resource management and capacity Federal investment in natural resource management and economic development Biomass utilization and community benefits.