Juniper management now an Oregon Solutions project

Posted by Renee Magyar on September 11, 2013

A groundbreaking project aims to restore Eastern Oregon lands

The Western Juniper Utilization Group met with Governor Kitzhaber in Burns, Oregon last month. Photo by Tamra Rooney

Sustainable Northwest and Sustainable Northwest Wood are key members of the Western Juniper Utilization Group, which came together earlier this year to address the problem of juniper encroachment in Eastern Oregon. Recently, the State of Oregon formally endorsed the the group's efforts and we are re-printing the following post written by KC Eisenberg, Sustainable Northwest Wood's sales director: 

Last month, Governor Kitzhaber officially designated the Western Juniper Utilization Group as an Oregon Solutions project.

This means that state funding will be designated to help "unlock the potential of rangeland restoration and juniper harvested from public and private lands," according to Oregon Solutions.

The goal is to spur landscape restoration and economic development in rural communities.

Sustainable Northwest Wood is proud to participate with this group, which will be active in 13 juniper-afflicted Oregon counties.

Members of the group will work with a variety of private businesses, environmental groups, and government agencies to seek solutions to the problem of juniper's spread. They will also develop a statewide marketing plan to help support landscape restoration efforts and make this beautiful, durable wood more widely available.

Click here to read media coverage about the group and its plan of action, and visit Oregon Solution's Western Juniper Utilization Group webpage here.