New: The Rural Climate Network

Posted by Renee Magyar on November 19, 2013

IATP is connecting rural organizations and individuals to advance solutions for climate change adaptation and mitigation.

Photo by David Cross

The Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy recently launched the Rural Climate Network. By connecting rural organizations and individuals with other like-minded groups and citizens around the country, they aim to advance practical strategies for adapting to and mitigating the current and anticipated effects of climate change. The intent of the network is to document and disseminate innovations, best practices, impacts and other stories of what real people in rural communities across the country are already doing to take on this enormous challenge. Information will be shared via the RCN website, and a newsletter every other month. Subscribe to the RCN Newsletter here.  

The members section of the website provides information about the work Rural Climate Network member organizations are doing with their communities to address the changing climate. Since climate change is such a complex issue, there are many different ways that members are tackling the challenge. A member spotlight in each newsletter will provide a deeper look at a specific member's work on climate.  

The work that Sustainable Northwest is doing on climate change was featured in the launch of the network newsletter. Learn more and see the video of Program Manager, Dylan Kruse discussing climate change, in the November Member Highlight.