Next step toward a renewable energy future for Idaho

Posted by Dylan Kruse on May 19, 2014

We'll be in eastern Idaho next month to share learning and ideas that can propel biomass energy clusters in the state.

Wood chips become thermal energy

We're looking forward to working with new partners as we explore opportunities for energy projects in eastern Idaho that complement forest restoration activities already underway in the state.

At the workshop we'll be discussing how successful biomass energy systems are designed and managed, what makes a viable project, and how it becomes reality. Participants will discuss opportunities for new projects in the region, and hear stories about how biomass systems are making a difference across Idaho and the West. Community members, developers, and experts from across the region will come together to promote biomass utilization as a way to lower heating costs, enhance forest health, and improve rural economies.

This workshop is part of the Idaho Statewide Wood Energy Team project, a collaborative agency, business, and non-profit effort to develop biomass clusters that provide heat and power to schools, hospitals, commercial buildings and industrial facilities with energy products made from local forest restoration waste.

A portable biomass facility
A portable biomass facility

Learn more about the workshop here and look for results from the meeting next month! If you live in Idaho or southern Montana, and want to learn how renewable energy from restoration forestry is working in Idaho, join us for this informative session. Contact Dylan Kruse at or (503) 221-6911 x115 to get involved.

Many thanks to the US Forest Service and Idaho Governor's Office of Energy Resources for making this workshop possible.