Over 100 Leaders Sign Letter to the President Supporting Conservation Investment

Posted by Renee Magyar on May 15, 2012

Leaders from 25 states urge President Obama to continue investing in conservation of land and water to support rural economies.



Over 100 Leaders Sign Letter to the President Supporting Conservation Investment

May 15, 2012

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Portland, OR - More than 100 leaders and organizations from across the nation have signed a letter to President Obama expressing their support for Federal investment in conservation-based rural development. The groups urged the Administration and Federal land management agencies to maintain a steadfast commitment to the future of rural economies by ensuring that the nation invest in actions to ensure the health of public and private lands. "Investing in the health of land and water is smart and prudent, exactly the kind of Federal spending that is needed during hard economic times," says Maia Enzer, Policy Director at Sustainable Northwest.

Rural communities across the nation know that their economies are tied to the health and resilience of the land and water. The groups that signed the letter come from 25 states including  Alaska, Montana, Idaho, Colorado, Texas, and Florida. Signatories represent community-based natural resource organizations, local arts groups, youth groups, forest and farm workers, economic development groups, timber and energy companies, county commissioners, and others. This diverse group of rural leaders has come together because of a deep recognition of the connection between rural jobs and active conservation.

Last week members of the Rural Voices for Conservation Coalition and National Rural Assembly traveled to Washington D.C. to share this letter and its message with the Obama administration and the land management agencies. The groups advocated for investments that recognize active stewardship of our public and private lands as essential actions to care for our land and water and sustain rural economies.

"Rural Americans are the stewards of our land and water resources. If we sacrifice investments in conservation, we are essentially sacrificing rural communities who are on the front lines of our nation's conservation challenges," says Enzer. "America simply cannot afford to lose anymore of our capacity to steward our land and water resources. We need a steadfast commitment to maintaining federal investment and support for conservation actions that will create rural jobs today and in the future."

The Rural Voices For Conservation Coalition is Sustainable Northwest's grassroots network that brings the voice of rural communities and on-the-ground conservation and land management best practices to Federal policy.

The complete letter, including signatories is available here: