The other “Washington”

Posted by Renee Magyar on May 17, 2013

Patrick Shannon is in DC to advocate for community-based forestry in the West.

Inside the Capitol rotunda, depictions of history.

In the West, when people tell you they're going to Washington, most people think of the state on the border of Canada, but on the East coast everyone thinks of our nation's capital, Washington, D.C. This is despite the fact that the state is larger than New York, contains the city of Seattle, and has over six million people. Sometimes it feels like people on the East coast forget about the state of Washington and other states in the West. That is why it is important that RVCC goes to D.C. for Western Week in Washington.

Members of Congress and their staff can sometimes become disconnected from what is happening in their home states, or how legislation and government agencies' work are being implemented on the ground. Through Western Week in Washington, members of RVCC get to update them on how things are going and what changes we think would be best for the rural landscapes and communities.

That is why it is worth it to take the time to fly to D.C., have a packed daily schedule of going from office to office, and play the game that is our nation's politics. Because in the end, those who show up are the ones who are heard. We provide a dose of reality and insights to find solutions that matter.